Edmonton based MarketForces began several years ago as a group of musicians developing and refining new song ideas. Influenced by the wide and varied experiences of the members, current members John Tidswell (of 80’s band Neo A4), Jeff Schmidt (of Darkroom and Famous Blue Raincoat), drummer Don Horak and vocalist Dionne Danyk, continue the tradition of great original rock music that is both considered and exhilarating. With their three releases and dynamic live show the band is always pushing the envelope, MarketForces’ music tells stories rooted deep in the human condition and the constant struggle to prosper in an unforgiving society. Energetic, thought provoking, and unconventional – MarketForces plays Canadian rock at its best!

In 2016, MarketForces releases their third album Opportunity Costs with Dionne Danyk taking on more of the singing responsibilities. In keeping with the communal nature of the band, the CD also features lead vocal performances by gifted singers from across the Canadian musical community - Matt Robertson, Mallory Gage, Mike Braniff, and Ric Johnston, formerly of NeoA4.



Market Forces Definition

Forces of demand and supply representing the aggregate influence of self-interested buyers and sellers on price and quantity of the goods and services offered in a market. In general, excess demand causes prices and quantity of supply to rise, and excess supply causes them to fall. Market forces decide price levels in an economy or trading system whose activities are not influenced or limited by government.